Secure Remote Access to Vehicles over Ethernet, WLAN or Mobile Networks

Our sophisticated Remote Access Solution enables you and your customers to access connected assets in vehicles all over the world, just as they were in your office.


  • Secure Remote Access over any network, passes through most Firewalls
  • Complete solution, no IT knowledge necessary
  • IoT Big Data Collection
  • Very easy provisioning with preconfigured units
  • Central Administration with Manager and Customer Roles/Domains
  • Interface to third party systems
  • Central Alarming Functionality
  • Complete Audit Trail, 100% Traceability
  • No VPN, no issues with Mobile Access
  • 3G/4G Connectivity
  • Worldwide SIM Cards available
  • Integrated Managed Ethernet Switch with DSA / Port based VLAN (Hardware)
  • Port Access per MAC-Address – Physical Encapsulation of System and User Network(s)
  • Extensions for Access to CAN, IBIS, Digital I/O and other interfaces
  • Data collection, preprocessing and fusion possible via plugin system on mobile unit
  • Auditied Security, complies to IEC 62443-3-3, IEC62443-4-2 Draft
  • Access to local Ethernet ports can be limited (ie. to protect against connecting laptops internally)
  • Plugin software interfaces in mobile unit (For realtime functionality, data fusion or other preprocessing)

The Remote Access Software works in conjunction with the Parametric PRODUCTS Product Lifecycle Management App

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