Secure Condition based Monitoring for Metro Trains in South Australia

Parametric has delivered RAR4 Transport Computers with Secure managed Remote Access, custom software and consulting and training services to ABB Traction as a part of the Adelaide Metro Repower Project. Users can access the attached subsystems using their usual control software with the RAR4 as secure managed gateway over the mobile network. Using the integrated plugin system, it is also possible to automatically read, preprocess, combine and push data to a central database for ad-hoc and recurring data analysis and dashboards.

The RAR transport computer platform enables customers to implement remotely accessible control and monitoring applications in a very short time, and with minimal efforts. This vertical solution allows us to offer answers to the questions that many public transport companies are asking, and we are happy to see our first full system in Australia installed and in operation.

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  • On 2018-12-10