RAR4 Railway / Automotive Computer

With 3G or 4G GSM Modem, Wireless LAN, GPS Receiver and 4 Port Ethernet Switch

  • Linux-based System, with plugin technology for your applications
  • Easy to use API for System Control / Configuration
  • Can be used as Wireless Router / IoT Gateway
  • Very efficient fanless design, Dual Core 1.0GHz CPU
  • 8:1 Power supply, 9 … 78 VDC (M12 A-Coded)
  • 3G or LTE Modem with MIMO and Voice support (on request)
  • WLAN Module with access point functionality
  • High Sensitivity GPS Receiver
  • Managed 4 Port Ethernet Switch (M12 D-Coded 4 pin).
  • Digital I/Os available on request
  • Push-Push SIM Slot with mountable cover
  • Color coded FAKRA Standard antenna connectors
  • EN50155 compliant hardware and software
  • Power Supply Backup for controlled power down in case of power outage
  • Tx Temperature Range (-40 … +85°C)
  • Compact enclosure 105 x 170 x 34mm (with adaptable mounting flanges)

RAR4 Railway Computers are the ideal solution for every rolling stock or stationary
application that requires a rugged GSM router with fast, low power CPU and/or a powerful GPU to transcode and stream data.

All RAR4 computers contain an internal, fully managed Ethernet Switch, a highly sensitive GPS module, a mobile communication modem that can be used worldwide (different versions) and an easy to use WLAN module that can be operated in access point or client mode.
The device contains an on-board supervision system that is external to the CPU and which constantly
supervises the system.
Thanks to its simple but highly stable design and partially redundant power supplies, the device is capable to be operated in harsh environments.


  • Mobile Information Systems
  • Remote Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Monitoring
  • Meteo Station

 General Specifications RAR4

Power Supply 9 … 75 VDC
Operating Power 6W
Redundant Power Supply 24V
GSM Antenna Configuration Up to 2*2 MIMO
Sim Slots 1 / 2 (4G)
CPU Type


USB Host Port 1
Ethernet (M12) 3
Managed Ethernet Switch 1 (5 Ports)
WiFi IEEE 802.11a/b/g/j
WiFi Access Point Up to 32
WiFi Antenna Configuration Up to 2*2 MIMO
Bluetooth Optional


EN50155, ECE R10 Rev4

Customization available

We are an engineering company and are able to customize our products exactely to your needs. Please contact us.

Available options include:

  • Own color and silk print.
  • Bluetooth integrated
  • ZigBee integrated
  • 1x CAN
  • 1x LIN
  • 1x RS485
  • 1x IBIS
  • 1x HDMI Display Output
  • 2 Digital Inputs
  • 2 Digital Outputs


RAR4 can be used as a standard wireless router, but it is made to accomodate customer applications. The RAR4 CPU subsystem is very powerful and power efficient and we provide sophisticated APIs for the device which allow customers to get their Applications implemented in a very hosrt time. Think of video transcoding, transmission to GPS data/time to subsystems, automated checks for condition monitoring, logging through a log tunner of our secure connection and so forth. You can easily replace 1 computer and 1 wireless router with one RAR4.

We provide RAR4 versions with an extension slot where you can have your interfaces integrated. Contact us to speak about your requirements. Keep in mind that for railway applications we will need to get the necessary compliance tests done before the systems can be deployed.

We provide two APIs:

  • A “pull” API which implements a RESTful web interface to our hardware which can be accessed locally or remotely over our secure connections, and
  • A “push” API which pushes all realtime data such as time, new GPS coordinates or system states to the application directly over the system or over WebHooks, depending on speed requirements

The pull API can also be used to (re)configure the device or to store or reset configurations. The push API is primarly used to react to system events.

Yes, we provide several ways to do that. You can either compile a software for Linux (if you need high speed), use existing Python or Perl interpreters or even write your own extension to our API in node.JS.

The system is completely open for customer software. In order to access the hardware you can use our push or pull APIs

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RAR4 will be pre-configured according your needs. Please contact us.