LoRaWAN™ Radar People Counter Uni-Directional

PCR1 is a camera-less person counting sensor with LoRaWAN connectivity.
An integrated radar sensor measures the speed of objects and detects typical
movement patterns of humans. A person has to move towards and then away
from the sensors surface.  From this information, a counter is incremented and
transmitted at regular intervals via a LoRaWAN network.

  • Uni-Directional person-counting
  • Integrated 24GHz Radar sensor with advanced signal processing
  • No surveillance camera – no privacy issues
  • Wall or ceiling-mountable
  • Versatile rugged housing including wall mount bracket
  • USB 5V Power Supply
  • LoRaWAN™ Class A device

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PCR1 LoRaWAN Radar People Counter Uni-Directional

Counting Mode: Unidirectional (traversing from left or right)
Range: up to 10m
Radar Beam: +/-40° horizontal, +/-17 ° vertical
Device Type: LoRaWAN Class A, EU868 or US915*
Configuration: USB-Interface, Free Windows 10 Software
Antenna: external 3.6 dBi rubber antenna
Power Supply: USB 5V, max. 0.4W
Battery Livetime: no battery
Enclosure: UL ABS black with wall mounting plate