PCR1 LoRaWAN Radar People Counter Uni-Directional

PCR1 is a camera-less person counting sensor with LoRaWAN connectivity.
An integrated radar sensor measures the speed of objects and detects typical
movement patterns of humans. A person has to move towards and then away
from the sensors surface.  From this information, a counter is incremented and
transmitted at regular intervals via a LoRaWAN network.

  • Uni-Directional person-counting
  • Integrated 24GHz Radar sensor with advanced signal processing
  • No surveillance camera – no privacy issues
  • Wall or ceiling-mountable
  • Versatile rugged housing including wall mount bracket
  • USB 5V Power Supply
  • LoRaWAN™ Class A device

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PCR1 LoRaWAN Radar People Counter Uni-Directional

Counting Mode: Unidirectional (traversing from left or right)
Range: up to 10m
Radar Beam: +/-40° horizontal, +/-17 ° vertical
Device Type: LoRaWAN Class A, EU868 or US915*
Configuration: USB-Interface, Free Windows 10 Software
Antenna: external 3.6 dBi rubber antenna
Power Supply: USB 5V, max. 0.4W
Battery Livetime: no battery
Enclosure: UL ABS black with wall mounting plate

    0.4W constantely.

    We offer evaluation kits of most of our products for a fair amount. Please contact us.

    No. This device is for people counting only. If you are interested in counting and categorizing vehicles please contact us.

    This device is a 2D radar sensor. It can count people walking in rows.

    If you need to count groups go for a camera-based solution.

    The detection range is around 10m depending on the object size and surface.

    If the people walk by with a min. of 2m between them, the sensor can detect that there are 2 people. If they walk by next to each other or closer behind each other than 2m, then the sensor will count them as one person.

    This device is intended to be powered by a 5 … 24V DC power supply or Micro-USB.
    Due to high energy demand of the radar transmitter, even a good smoke detector 9V battery would last only for 1…2 days.

    No. This device is powered by an external 5V power supply with standard Micro-USB plug.

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