PCR2 Bi-Directional Radar People Counter with LoRaWAN™

PCR2 Bi-Directional Radar People Counter with LoRaWAN™

Parametric GmbH is launching a new radar-based bi-directional people counter that enables enterprise customers to deploy long-range Enterprise Internet of Things (EIoT) applications which are 100% Privacy protected and EU GDPR Compliant.


Parametric’s new PCR2-IN / PCR2-OD combine latest radar technology with the benefits of LoRaWAN™ connectivity in one small, high-quality device. All models include Parametric’s latest infrastructure electronic design know-how and come in rugged enclosures with hidden mounting points and integrated LoRaWAN™ antennas. The wide range power input and the USB power supply enable flexible integration in buildings or industrial infrastructure.

People counting is done by measuring the speed, direction and object size. The sensor includes two counter memories for each direction. These counters are transferred via an available LoRaWAN™-network in a freely programmable interval.

Sensor data can easily be routed to the Cloud with Parametric SensorHub API services. In Switzerland we are able to provide out of the box solutions including LoRaWAN connectivity by Swisscom LPN.

Initial Setup can be done with our free Windows Setup Tools via USB cable.


PCR2-IN is an indoor model that can be mounted on ceilings or walls. It comes in a 100 x 100 x 30 mm slim-line enclosure with LED direction indicators for easy setup.

PCR2-IN is ideal for all indoor applications including Facility Management, Cleaning-on-demand, People Counting in Retail or Trade Shows.


PCR2-OD is intended to be used in harsh outdoor environments. Outdoor models come in a white UV-protected plastic enclosure with IP67 protection level. It can be mounted overhead on street lights or poles. We do provide special mounting accessories and are able to customize it according to customers’ needs.

PCR2-OD can be used in various Smart City applications like People Flow Measurement on streets and public places, Public Toilet Cleaning and Security Applications.

The PCR2-IN/PCR2-OD comes equipped with device diagnostics and industrial grade support services on request, and it is fully certified for CE, CE RED. LoRa Alliance Certification is pending.