Parametric Service App

A mobile PLM solution for all device manufacturers

A logistical challenge

Parametric GmbH develops systems for infrastructure and transport. Our rugged devices are installed in buses, trains, outdoors or in industrial facilities. Access to the installations, which are usually distributed throughout the country, is generally limited – the time for maintenance work is limited. This makes the operation and maintenance of infrastructure technology a logistical challenge. Mobile real-time mobile information platforms on smartphones can help.

Keep Track of everything

We at Parametric GmbH work daily with our Parametric Service Platform. The advantages are:

  • All data of all devices ever delivered are stored centrally and can be retrieved immediately. This enables us to achieve almost perfect traceability.

  • Our customers get access to the same data via the Android app or a web interface. By scanning the serial number barcode with the smartphone, customers can view important information about their device.

  • Customers can check the delivery date, warranty, configuration data, calibration and test reports.

  • Complete device history (timeline) is available

  • RMA Requests can be sent directly from the App. This makes it clear which device is affected.

  • Our customers can record error messages including photos and assign them within their organization. Paperwork was yesterday!

  • Wireless configuration of devices via NFC technology for devices with Parametric NPlug. Configurations can be managed centrally via an API.