PCR2 Payload Description

Default Payload (9 Bytes)

Applies to all PCR2-IN, PCR2-OD, PCR2-R with Firmware V1.0 and newer.

The following application payload is sent after an interval or trigger has expired on port 14.

Left-to-Right Counter Value
000A = 10 objects counted during interval
Left-to-Right Counter Value
0010 = 16 objects counted during interval
CPU Temperatur
FF9A = -10.2 °C

PCR2 application payload format is compatible to the Elsys payload. (Why re-inventing the wheel?)

Decoder Examples

Configuration Payload (14 Bytes)

Applies to PCR2-IN, PCR2-OD, PCR2-R with Firmware V1.5 and newer.

Device configuration is normally done once with our PCR Setup Tool. Additionally you can use the Application Settings Payload to change settings on deployed devices. This is done by a LoRaWAN downlink to port 190 in the following format.

Device Type
00 = PCR2-IN
01 = PCR2-OD
02 = PCR2-R

(ignored in downlinks)
Firmware Version
010401 = V 1.4.1

(ignored in downlinks)
Operation Mode
00 = Timespan Mode
01 = NotZero Mode
02 = Trigger Mode
Sensor Payload Type
00 = Parametric
01 = Cayenne LPP
Confirmed Uplinks
00 = disabled
01 = enabled
000A = 10min
LinkCheck Interval
05A0 = 1440min
Hold Off
001E = 30s
Radar Sensitivity
50 = 80%


Sending a message to port 190 of the device will change the configuration.
Device will restart and immediately sends an uplink on port 190 conforming the changes.


Change Operation Mode to Trigger Mode and increase Hold Off Time to 60s.
1. Downlink Message: 0000000002000100A005A0003C50 to port 190
2. Get Uplink Message 0101040102000100A005A0003C50 on port 190 if settings changed successful.

Last Updated July 25, 2019
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