PCR1 Users Manual


PCR1 is a radar-based people flow sensor with LoRaWAN data connection. The integrated radar sensor detects persons moving in parallel to the housing surface.

A person is counted as soon as he or she enters and leaves the detection zone. The unit can be installed horizontally at a height between 125 and 140 cm or upside down at a ceiling. The maximum measuring distance (distance between sensor and person) is 10m.

The number of persons counted is transmitted cyclically via a LoRaWAN connection.

Function Description 

Device start (LED flashes slowly)

After applying the operating voltage, the device is logged on to the LoRaWAN network. During this phase the LED flashes slowly. After successful registration the LED goes off.

Operation (LED off)

In normal operation, all persons entering and leaving the sensitive area of the radar are counted. This is indicated by a short lightening of the LED. The movement of the persons must be carried out parallel to the surface of the device. Fast movements, e. g. of hands or objects, are ignored to avoid miscounting.

Error state (LED flashes quickly)

The device changes to error status in following conditions:

  • The LoRaWAN configuration is incomplete
  • Access to the LoRaWAN network is denied.
  • There is no LoRaWAN available in the area or signal is weak.

The device tries to reconnect after one minute in error state.


Mounting positions




The person counter can be mounted either laterally or overhead. The maximum
Detection distance is approx. 10 m. The best results are achieved if the housing surface is parallel to the walking direction.


This device is based on the principle of approximation and distance from the Doppler-Radar sensor. People are counted from every direction.

The distance between the unit and the persons passing through below should be more than 50cm.

The device should be mounted crosswise to the walking direction.





Detection range

The device is equipped with a highly sensitive Doppler radar sensor. Movements at an angle of +/- 40° horizontal and +/- 17° vertical are detected up to a distance of 10m.

For optimal function please note:

  • A person is counted as soon as both areas are crossed. However, it does not matter in which order this is done.
  • Both areas should be the same size and should not be covered by objects or walls.

Avoid moving objects like escalators or revolving doors in sensor range.


Height above floor

For side mounting, e. g. on a door frame, the following must be observed:

  • The person counter should be mounted at a height of 125… 140 cm from the floor. We recommend 135 cm.
  • The device should be mounted upright for the maximum detection range
  • The front side of the device should be parallel to the walking direction.

Power Supply

The device is supplied with a 5V power supply unit with micro-USB connection.  Open the cover on the back of the housing and insert the micro-USB plug into the corresponding socket.

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