What to look at during installation

This article shows how to place sensors for optimal results.


Avoid moving Objects


Incorrect: The sensor is placed in the vicinity of moving objects (revolving door, escalator, opening/closing door).

Solution: Place the sensor further away from the moving objects.


Avoid Junctions


Incorrect: Crossing people flows in the field of detection.

Solution: Move the sensor so as to only have one line of people flows in the field of detection.


Avoid Interferences

Incorrect: Interference from sensors placed face-to-face closely to each other.

Solution: Place the sensors further apart.


Avoid too wide entrances

Incorrect: The sensor’s field of view does not cover the whole area to be detected.

Solution: Turn the sensor 45° or mount the sensor on the wall instead.


Avoid counting legs

Incorrect: Sensor is placed too low, it might detect and count extra movements from limbs.

Solution: Place the sensor at a height of 1.2m .


Correct: Each sensor only detects one people flow, there are no crossing people flows in front of a sensor.

Last Updated January 14, 2019
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