Facility Management with LPWAN People Counters

A People Counter can provide useful data for managing a facility’s operations efficiently and effectively:

  • Space and Resource Allocation: A People Counter can measure how resources such as conference rooms, offices or meeting spaces are actually being used by the staff. Identifying the areas that are underutilized or overutilized can help you schedule the use of space and resources in an optimized way.
  • Security: By measuring exactly how many people have entered the facility and where they congregate, you can make sure to always have the necessary amount of security and staff on site
  • Capacity and Building Traffic: Understanding the flow of the building and how people traffic behaves can help in scheduling routine maintenance during slow periods to avoid the disruption of daily operations.
  • Schedule maintenance for slow periods, minimize disruptions
  • Energy Consumption: Identifying infrequently used areas of the facility can provide the opportunity for energy reduction (lighting, heating, cooling) and give clear indication of areas suitable for energy-reducing strategies

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