Engineering and Customization

We provide engineering and consulting services to find, implement and maintain an optimal solution for your application.


Hardware / Software Development

  • Customization of Products
  • Hardware and Systems Engineering
  • High Density PCBs with high speed and RF circuits
  • Ultra Low Power Circuits
  • Requirements management and tracking for large projects
  • FPGA and ASIC Design and Verification, VHDL and Verilog
  • Enclosure and mechanical part design

Software and Firmware

  • Low Level Software Development for Embedded Systems
  • Realtime Software
  • Ultra Low Power Systems
  • GPGPU Development (CUDA)
  • Embedded Linux Development from Kernel to Applications
  • Main Languages: C, C++, Python

Prototyping and Ramp-Up

  • Prototyping with in-house lab
  • System Simulation (Digital Twin)
  • Pre-Compliance Measurements
  • Certification Support
  • Supply Chain Managment
  • ASIC Supply Chain with Prorotyping (Partner: DELTA)


  • FPGA Reference Boards (Customers: Semtech and others)
  • Rugged FPGA boards for battletank simulators
  • i.MX7 CPU Module for Realtime Networking Applications (Customer: Archwave)
  • RFID Solution for Leather Goods (Customer: Lucrin)
  • FPGA Timing Optimization and Sensor Interfaces (Customer: Glory Global)
  • Android / ANT+ / Bluetooth / Mobile Bike Computer Hardware (Customer: JESPR Connects)
  • Multi Radio, Low Power Remote Control Hardware  (Customer: NEEO)
  • Low Power FPGA for wristwatch style devices (Customer: GfK)
  • Aerospace Grade LPWAN Gateway (Customer: Lacuna Space)
  • Telco Grade LPWAN Outdoor Gateway (Customer: Aartesys)
  • Digital Screens (Customer: Gasstation TV)
  • Media Player with ARM Multicore Processor
  • Ultra Low Power Sensors and ASIC

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