Lacuna Networks announce Partnership with Parametric

Lacuna Networks announce Partnership with Parametric, ESA, Semtech to bring LoRaWAN into Space

On Thursday FEB 1, Lacuna Networks officially announced the development of a satellite based LoRaWAN network with a first Beta Space deployment in late Summer 2018, and with support from ESA and Semtech. We are very proud and excited to be Lacuna’s Hardware Partner and to contribute the LoRaWAN gateway and power supply electronics for the satellite as well as to support Systems Engineering and Requirements Management.

Last week’s The Things Conference was a blast. Its success shows that LPWAN technology is becoming ready also for more sophisticated applications and sustainable operation, since important developments, such as over the air updates and additional security measures are being taken on. The Things Network deserves a lot of credit for bringing LoRaWAN to the masses, thanks for a great event!

Parametric is at the forefront of LoRaWAN technology since we started with developing the Gen 2 time stamping gateway reference design HW for Semtech in 2015. We’ve done a lot of R&D on LoRa/LoRaWAN within the last few years, to bring the technology into our hi-rel transport and infrastructure markets.

Lacuna Networks provides Low-cost, simple and reliable global connections to sensors and mobile equipment. It just works everywhere, and all the time, so you can focus on using your data.


PSLV-C44 will finally bring up the satellite with our LoRaWAN technology.

More info about the new possibilities you can find on the Webpage of Lacuna Space.