Asynchronous API for RAR/RAE Wireless Computers

Asynchronous API for RAR/RAE Wireless Computers powers Distributed Applications

A Powerful Edge Computing Platform

Our ARM-based high performance RAR Wireless Routers/Computers are used in trains, special-purpose vehicles, buses and other settings where reliability is first priority.

Managed Secure System Access and Hardware API

In addition to an easy-to-use secure remote access solution over mobile networks, the devices feature a powerful plugin mechanism to accomodate customer applications, using a simple RESTful hardware interface. All parts of the hardware can be configured and supervised using local or remote calls to the API, and customer applications are portable between RAR /RAE variants.

Create distributed Applications using Asynchronous Access

Next to the Synchronous RESTful API for static data, the updated software base system also provides a Push-API using RESTHooks for asynchronous and event driven access. This results in optimized performance of the complete system and provides all means to create distributed applications using our high performance networked devices.

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