Condition Based Monitoring and Maintenance

Condition based Mainenance (CBM) enables predictive Maintenance of complex systems based on sensor values which are transmitted in real time or preset intervals. Such data can be used to find trends, predict failure or calculate remaining life of an asset in the field. It also helps to optimize efficiency and decrease energy consumption of systems.

We offer Core Components for Condition based Monitoring & Maintenance:

  • A flexible Sensor Platform
  • Vehicle Data Gateways
  • A sophisticated Secure Remote Access Solution
  • Mobile Data Transfer and Log Tunnel to a central Location

The major limitations with CBM are the cost and installation effort for sensors and the quality of sensors working in harsh envionments. With our MCOM Sensor patform and RAR4-LR LPWAN Picocell Gateways we can offer an in-vehicle solution with minimal cost and effort.

We provide engineering and consulting services to find, implement and maintain an optimal solution for your application.

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