Who we are

Parametric GmbH is an engineering and product company located in Switzerland.

We develop and produce highly reliable electronic devices for infrastructure and transport.
Most of our products are “Made in Switzerland”  to provide quick response and competitive total cost of ownership TCO.

We maintain a vital network of engineering and production partners to be able to offer everything from a single source.

What we stand for

“Install and forget.”

We think that infrasctructure electronics has to run for years without maintenance.
Therefore our engineers put their focus on highly reliable state oft heart technologies. reliability. We care alot about lifetime, availability and quality of used technologies.

“Simple is beautiful.”

Hi-tech products do not have to be difficult. We do our best to hide complex technology and provide easy user interfaces for setup.

Use our Mobile PLM & Service Solutions for maintainig large installations.

In addition, protect your investment with our service agreements and obsolescent management solutions.


We customize our standard products to your needs or create your own product.

Tools we use:

  • Enterprise Architect
  • Modelio with SysML Extension
  • Matlab / Simulink
  • Scilab / Scicos
  • UML / SysML
  • Verilog / SystemVerilog
  • VHDL (up to 2008)

We do the full package – Hardware, FPGA, Mixed Signal, Firmware, Mechanical.

Hardware Development with state of the art tools like:

  • Tina Pro
  • PSpice
  • Altium 14
  • Eagle Layout Editor
  • Modelsim
  • ActiveHDL

Mixed Signal FPGA/ASIC design with:

  • Xilinx
  • Altera
  • Quicklogic
  • Microsemi
  • Lattice
  • Microsemi Fusion / SmartFusion
  • Cypress PSoC
  • Microdul MD100/300

Firmware for Microcontrollers  on:

  • Microcontrollers: ARM 7/9/Cortex M0, M3, M4, A7, A8, A15, MSP430, MIPS, AVR, NIOS II, Microblaze
  • DSP: TI, Analog Devices, ON Semi (BelaSigna)
  • Programming languages: C/C++, Python Embedded
  • RTOS: eCos, Linux

Engineering and Setup Tools:

  • for Windows / Linux / Web
  • C++, C#, QT, Python, NodeJS


Andreas Koschak
Managing Director

Sascha Jäckle
Managing Partner


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