We can support your project or deliver complete solutions in all phases of the development process.

Hardware / Systems

  • Systems Engineering, Architecture and Partitioning
  • Analog / Digital Design and Simulation
  • PCB Design (using Altium 2013 or Eagle)
  • Miniaturization
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Production support / OEM Production

ASIC / FPGA Design

  • Requirements Analysis and Specification
  • System design / simulation
  • Structured analysis and design
  • Implementation and verification (VHDL, Verilog, SystemVerilog, OS-VVM)
  • Design closure for difficult designs
  • Consulting and training

Certification, Type approvals, Standards

  • ECE R10
  • EN50155
  • CE R&TTE
  • FCC
  • IPC A-610 up to Class 3

Embedded Software

  • Microcontroller/Microprocessor Software in Assembler, C, C++, JAVA Embedded, Python
  • Optimization of software for speed or power consumption
  • Signal processing algorithms on FPGA, DSP, Microprocessors, GPU or PC
  • Embedded software on ARM 7, ARM 9, ARM Cortex, MIPS, x86, or smaller microcontrollers (NIOS, Microblaze, AVR, MSP430)
  • GPU Computing using CUDA, OpenCL or Adapteva Epiphany

Technical PC Software

  • PC software (C++ and C#, JAVA, QT, Python)