PARADENSE Embedded Smart Displays / Modules

MicroUI GUI Library

Small High-Density Displays without expensive and complex processors but Android-like GUI.

The sophisticated MicroGUI library developed by Antmicro together with Parametric Engineering runs on several microcontroller platforms.

PSW Modules

In order to simplify and speed up development, we can provide our HSM modules which are based on STM32 Microcontrollers:

IMG_20151125_132746PSW0 Smart Mobile Modules are among the smallest and most complete high performance MCU modules on the market. They comprise ARM™ Cortex™-M4 and M7 Processors with speeds of up to 200 MHz.

Because of their floating point computing power, low power consumption and highly efficient LCD controller, these modules are very easy to integrate and ideal to build mobile instrumentation with DSP functionalities as well as smart displays.

Support for the PSM modules includes ready to use eCos configuration as well as the Antmicro GUI library which was originally designed specifically for these modules

Datasheet: PSW0_Advance_Datasheet


  • Fast Realtime MCU Arm Cortex-M4/M7
  • 168MHz (Low Power Version) up to 200 MHz (High Speed Version) with same interface
  • Very low STOP Mode Power with full external and internal RAM retention
  • Ultra Small size: 24*23mm
  • Stable 100 Pin Baseboard connector
  • Analogue and Digital I/Os
  • 2 SPI / 2 I2C / 3 UARTs
  • LCD RGB Interface (MIPI DSI on request)
  • 68000/80808 Parallel Port
  • USB Device **
  • T100 Ethernet PHY on board
  • 32 Mbyte SDRAM
  • 8 Mbyte Serial Flash
  • External RTC with 32kHz Quartz XTAL
  • I/O Voltages 1.8V/3.3V (Depending on module variant)
  • I/O voltages can drive external electronics
  • Built-in Li Ion Battery Charger
  • Tested with Antmicro GUI Library
  • Stable eCos OS Ecosystem
  • Ready to use configuration(s) and Source code (on request)


  • Mobile Instrumentation
  • Smart Watches
  • IoT Nodes
  • Realtime Controllers
  • Smart Meter Gateways
  • Battery operated R/C Systems
  • Remote Supervision
  • Sophisticated LCD Display processors
  • Industrial Control
  • General GUI Controllers

Options and Accessories

  • Different modules variants with specific MCUs and I/O voltages available
  • Evaluation Board with Ethernet/USB
  • Display Controller Board supporting Antmicro GUI library