Parametric PRODUCTS

PRODUCTS is the solution for lifecycle management of today’s complex hardware. It allows you to fully track your products in the field over their full lifecycle, from production to disposal, using known ways of communication. PRODUCTS has been developed with the field work technician as the main user, so we rely on mobile communications and full synchronization between all users and administrators.

Your Benefits

  • Fast (up to real time) Support for field technicians
  • Synchronize and optimize field work for larger systems
  • Find issues and see trends easily
  • Total overview of planned and finished service actions in the field for resource calculation
  • 100% tracking and overview over the full lifecycle of a product


  • Field-driven Product Lifecycle Management Software
  • Device Directory, different device types
  • Device type data storage and easy access (datasheets, manuals, schematics)
  • Easy provisioning and configuration via n-plug
  • Complete device history
  • Field task management
  • Live support chat possible
  • Automated actions and bots possible
  • Interface to external systems (such as ERP)

See the “getting started” guide for more information.


Parametric PRODUCTS comes as a standard solution with all Parametric products and devices and can be tailored to your needs and licensed so you can use it with your own products.