PARABRIGHT Digital Signage Display Platform – The new Generation

We are very proud to announce the second generation of our PARABRIGHT Indoor/Outdoor Dual Smart Displays.

PARABRIGHT Screens contain plugin card slots for power supplies, media player and analogue / digital input boards, as required by the customers. Routers and media players can be put into the housings if necessary, to achieve highest integration. The Hardware / Software platform enables us to create and deploy standard and custom Digital Signage displays to our customers in a very short time and with competitive cost. In addition, our maintenance and service offerings keep the total cost of ownership low during the complete product lifecycle.

Image: Dual Media Player Card

PARABRIGHT screens are supported by the Parametric PRODUCTS Product Lifecycle Management Software.


  • Outdoor Information Display
  • Information Systems in public buildings (Hospitals)
  • Bus / Train station passenger information display
  • Car Parking / Parking Guidance Systems
  • Virtual Reception
  • Industry 4.0 Dashboard


  • Display size 21.5″ with FullHD resolution 1080p.  Contact us for Display size from 15″ up to 55″.
  • Optical bonded to micro etched high quality display glass
  • 16:9 or 32:9 aspect ratio
  • Single or Dual (back-to-back) display(s) with identical or different content per side
  • Integrated dual core ARM Media Player Board or video input card
  • Integrated USB hub for sensors, cameras
  • Normal or high Display Brightness (1200/1600 nits)
  • Indoor or outdoor operation (up to IP54), robust and easy to clean
  • Continuous device monitoring with predictive defects detection
  • Maintenance Software Interface for Customer Applications and Alarming
  • Various mounting options
  • Advanced Thermo-Management
  • Products PLM Support
  • Developed and produced in Switzerland


  • Anodized or powder-coated aluminium. Steel on request
  • Various enclosure depths
  • Mounting top / bottom / left / right / rear (for unilateral displays)
  • 1 or 2 LCD Panels (Back to Back)
  • Power Redundancy
  • Indoor or outdoor operation
  • Integrated cameras / motion detector / radar / 3D TOF camera (+ connection for external
  • Anonymized Gender / Mood / Age Detection
  • Digital Inputs and Outputs
  • Capacitive Touch 
  • Wireless Connection ( WiFi / BT / 3G/4G /LoRaWAN)

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