Configure PCR2 using the Command Line Interface (CLI)

Install VCP Drivers

To access PCR2 connected with a USB-Cable you need to install the STM VCP drivers first. After installation you should see a new serial device in Windows Device Manger.

Terminal Settings

You then need a Serial Terminal Emulator like Termite or RealTerm to open the serial port.

The CLI uses 57600 8N1 and CRLF (\r\n) line endings.

Here is a video showing how to setup RealTerm.

CLI Commands

Payload Type

You can choose between Default (Parametric) and Cayenne LPP payload format. (see PCR2 Payload Description)

lora get ptype 
lora set ptype 1

DevEUI (uniqe 64 bit end-device identifier)

lora get deveui 
lora set deveui 0123456789abcdf

AppEUI (unique 64 bit application identifier)

lora get appeui   
lora set appeui deadbeefdeadbeef


lora get appkey
lora set appkey 3334373956377C083334373956377C08

Frequency Sub-Band (FSB)

For US and AU only, 8 sub-bands are available (set 1-8). 0 = all channels enabled.


  • machineQ: FSB1
  • mydevices/TTN: FSB2
lora get fsb 
lora set fsb2

Sending Interval

Set the sending interval in minutes (1…1440 minutes). Default: 10.
During this time, alle persons will be counted and sums are transferred. After transfer counters will be reset.

lora get interval
lora set interval 60

Uplink on demand

If this is enabled counters are sent only if persons have been counted. Uplink will be scheduled in intervals (see lora set interval)

lora get ulod
lora set uload 1

Confirmed Uplink Messages

Enable confirmed uplink messages. Default: 0

lora get confirmed
lora set confirmed 1

LinkCheck Interval

We will send a LinkCheck MAC command together with an uplink regularly to make sure gateway responds properly. If there is no answer we try to re-join. lci is in range … 1440.

Default: 120

lora get lci
lora set lci 60
Last Updated May 05, 2019
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