Introducing the Parametric PRODUCTS PLM Solution

Field-Driven Product Lifecycle Management

During the last years, Parametric has deployed several systems into harsh environments. Some of the devices are located in buses, trains, outdoor settings or in telecom premises which are not easily accessible and distributed all over the country.

We know how difficult it can be to handle field work in those settings, with increasing complexity of the devices and their communication channels adding even more difficulties. The cost for field work is usually hard to estimate upfront, and many customers need to set up a proper field support with more effort and resources than what has been planned.

The total cost of ownership for an IoT project is a mixture of:

  • Hardware cost
  • Hardware installation in field
  • Software setup (centralized)
  • Software operation
  • Hardware field operation
  • Telecommunication cost

Parametric takes care of all TCO influencing factors, in order to provide maximum long term benefit for our customers.

For field work support we now introduce Parametric PRODUCTS, which is a vendor neutral lifecycle management software for all types of support intensive products. It allows us and our customers to track all devices in the field over the full lifecycle, from production to disposal, using known ways of communication.

The software is app based, in order to serve the people who do the field work.

Your Benefits

  • Fast (up to real time) Support for field technicians
  • Synchronize and optimize field work for larger systems
  • Find issues and see trends easily
  • Total overview of planned and finished service actions in the field for resource calculation


  • Search for devices in online database based on Serial Number / Barcode / NFC
  • Check basic data of devices, test date, serial number
  • Get live supervision data of device
  • Configure devices with fixed communication parameters in the field using our n-plug solution
  • Allows zero Provisioning
  • Manage tasks per device with your group
  • Integrated and 100% complete device history
  • Comments on behavior of the device in the field, including pictures
  • All data is synchronized between all app users (live)
  • Take snapshots of live data into device history
  • Mobile phone ( Android/iPhone) or browser based operation
  • External data interface

Parametric PRODUCTS is available for all Parametric Products and all customers. if you are interested in using ProductCenter for your product, please contact us.

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